Industry Paint Supplies an official distributor of Automotive brands and products such as; Anest Iwata, Le'Mix, Roberlo, Cartec, Wanda Refinishes and Disolac. This allows us to provide you with top quality products at a very good price. 


We do everything possible to find the right solutions for you; we involve ourselves in your projects to make them our own and we visit every one of our markets so we can understand and adapt to them. We are passionate about our work and look to the future with enthusiasm. Based on this premise it is easier to tackle the new challenges that we take on board with you. We strive to understand your needs and seek out whatever makes your work easier, and we honestly believe that more often than not we manage to achieve this goal.

Established in 2010 with the aim of introducing GENUINE VALUE alternative products for the re-coating industry. Le'Mix philosophy and approach differs from the standard of wholesaling dynamics. Local processing allows for much more flexible product supply and consistent quality control.

Brings to the Australian market a wide range of equipment for the spraying of liquid coatings.  With a history in coatings application stretching back more than 70 years, a network of over 1000 distributors, company representation in all states of Australia, a culture that fosters a can do attitude and a philosophy that places customer service at the forefront, you can be sure that we are here for the long term.

Since its inception over 75 years ago, Wanda has become synonymous with tradition, technology and quality in automotive refi​nish throughout many parts of the world. Wanda presents a simplified approach for mixing ratios of clear, primer and 2K colour and utilizes a universal hardener. And the total system consists of less than 85 SKUs. That’s basecoat and single stage toners as well as ancillaries. Fewer components are needed, helping in the ease of use and reduction of inventory. Compare that to your system and you’ll see that Wanda is simply unequalled.

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