Wooden Boats



AY&B Multipurpose Primer is a versatile single pack primer designed for use on many different substrates, both above and below the waterline.

It may be used with confidence

  • As a water resistant economical primer over suitably prepared steel, lead, wood and GRP.

  • As both an above and below the waterline primer.

  • As a versatile primer for all single component systems

  • To seal single pack putties


  • Versatile single component primer for most substrates above and below the waterline

  • Rapid dry time

  • Unique resin and pigment blend provides unparalleled protection to suitably prepared steel, wood and GRP, as well as sanded aged coatings

  • Provides a “stand alone”, multi-coat underwater protective system requiring only anti-fouling to complete the job

  • Suitable for all areas of hull on trailer and moored vessels



Altex Surfacer Undercoat is designed for use in above water areas only.

It can be used:

  • As a surfacing and build coat in the Single Component topsides marine paint system.

  • As an adhesion/surfacing coat directly to suitably prepared fibre-glass gel-coat.

  • Direct to suitably prepared and sealed timber for cabin interiors.

  • As a tie coat and upgrade on existing sound enamel finishes after correct preparation


  • Proven performance over many years in all above water applications

  • Good long term sandability

  • Excellent long term re-coatability with itself

  • May be used direct on suitably prepared gel-coat

  • Good cure response and sandability make Altex Surfacer Undercoat an excellent surfacing medium to cover minor scratches etc 

Alternatively you can also use an Altex Epoxy Barrier or Polyurethane Undercoat. 



AY&B Everseal is an epoxy Wood saturant.

Typically used for:

  • All timber surfaces, including timber immersed in fresh or sea water

  • Everseal provides the initial pre-treatment of timber surfaces prior to a suitable coating system being applied

  • Preserves timber against staining and decay due to fungal attack

  • Helps to prevent attack from white ants and other boring insects

  • Used to control distortion, cracking and shrinkage of timber

  • To limit water penetration particularly into the timber end grain



Regatta® Gloss Enamel is designed for use as the finish coating for the Single Component Marine topsides systems.

Regatta® Gloss Enamel can be used on :

  • Canoes

  • Tenders

  • Dinghies

  • Trailer yachts

  • Power boats

  • For signwriting

  • Boot stripes

  • For up-grading existing enamel systems, subject to correct preparation and undercoating

And numerous other DIY projects requiring a high quality enamel finish coat.


  • High gloss enamel finish

  • Superior, “long oil” Marine quality

  • Good weathering properties

  • Excellent gloss retention

  • Good application characteristics

  • Compatible with Altex Flattening Paste to reduce the gloss for interior colours

  • May be modified with the addition of Regatta® 2K Additive to speed up cure and enhance overall performance. This effectively creates a “Two Pack” finish coat. (see overleaf)

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