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Carboline Altra-Tar is an economical high performance offset to traditional coal tar epoxies for all Industrial & Marine applications. Altra-Tar has an excellent Water Immersion resistance, exceeding coal tar expoxies and it may be topcoated with anti-foulings such as Altex Sea-Barrier products.

Carboline Altra-Tar features & benefits:

  • Durable High Build film properties for abrasion resistance, extended corrosion protection and good cure response.

  • Good Application properties such as; Thick film coating readily applied by airless spray in one application.

  • Safety is key; does not contain coal tar pitch or associated benzene derivatives.

NOTE: May change colour and chalk when exposed to direct sunlight. This does not affect the protective properties of the coating.


Carboline Carboguard 640 is an ideal high build coating for any service or structure, marine or industrial, where water or corrosion resistance is required.

Carboguard 640 has excellent proven long-term service case histories for marine and hull externals, above and below water, and is a lining for hydro penstocks and gates and similar permanently immersed structures.

Key Features:


  • Premium performance Industrial & Marine quality barrier coating.

  • Recommended for permanent fresh & salt water immersion.

  • Exceeds performance of Coal Tar Epoxy coatings.

  • High volume solids.

  • Suitable on concrete surfaces.

  • Can be self priming.


Carboline Phenoline 311 Is a tank lining holding primer that has a variety of attributes including low-temperature cure, fast recoat times, moisture tolerance during application and cure, and excellent blast hold protection.

Phenoline 311 can be also used direct to metal as a corrosion resistant primer and is suitable for both new tanks and relines. It exhibits excellent surface wetting characteristics and quick cure for handling. It contains high levels of inert flake reinforcement.

Key Features:


  • Low Temperature Cure (-7°C)

  • Excellent blast-hold protection.

  • Excellent application characteristics.

  • Fast recoat times.

  • Moisture tolerance during application.

  • Meets VOC restrictions.

  • Low HAPS content.


Carboline Phenoline 1205 Is a glass flake-filled coating with dense cross linking that exhibits excellent overall chemical resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals. Glass reinforcement provides added abrasion resistance, permeation resistance and internal reinforcement. 

Phenoline 1205 exhibits very good acid resistance. Excellent for lining tanks or pipes in process facilities where hot water or abrasive conditions exist. Also used as a primary or secondary containment lining for a variety of aggressive chemicals. 

Key Features:

  • Excellent resistance to acids, caustics, ethanol, gasoline, jet fuels and solvents. 

  • Excellent abrasion resistance.

  • Excellent thermal shock resistance.

  • VOC compliant to current AIM regulations.

  • Excellent resistance to deionized or deminerilized water up to 82°C

  • Excellent resistance to cruide oil, brine or water up to 93°C

  • Very suitable floor coating for chemical process areas.

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