RM Air Pave Runway Paint is a water based environment friendly acrylic paint designed specifically to meet the requirements of line marking at airports.

Air Pave Runway Paint is faster drying than the conventional coatings and is formulated to suit the application commonly practiced for line marking on airport runways, taxiways, safety lines and vehicle/aircraft parking areas. 

Air Pave Runway Paint is formulated to erode at a controlled rate, this prevents lines and markings from becoming higher in dry film thickness (DFT) when recoated. Weather exposure maintains the coating film in a controlled erosion manner allowing the line marking to remain visible and bright.


RM Line Marking Clear Solvent is a Fast Dry Line Protector is a clear premium heavy duty, solvent based finish designed to protect solver based line marking.

The sealant forms an attractive, protective and impervious coating on the solvent line marking to protect against spillage and to prevent marking from wheels and tyres. 

Suitable for interior and exterior use. The product dries fast and hence traffic hold up is minimum. Road Marking Fast Dry Line Protector is specifically designed for the application over concrete surfaces and also on some asphalt and tar sealed substrates. (Apply a test sample and check for TarStaining before use).


Road Marking Thermoplastic is ready-to-use thermoplastic road marking. The prefabricated markings can be applied to road surfaces all year round.

Road Marking Preformed Thermoplastic lets you to heighten traffic safety without expending a lot of resources. Application is quick and simple. A long life road marking material supplied preformed to size and shape ready for installation. Road Marking Preformed Thermoplastic is manufactured from thermoplastic material conforming to RTA Spec 3357 and AS/NZS 4049.2

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