Industry Paint Supplies are proud to be a leading supplier of Jotun products in the Central West. Jotun offers a wide range of high quality protective coatings and corrosion protective solutions suitable for all mining equipment.  

Corrosion Protection of Mining Machinery

The different types of mining machinery experience different challenges – everything from impact and abrasion to immersion and exposure to chemicals and heat.  
Whether it is specialised coating systems to fit specific product lines or maintenance and repair, Jotun has a range of protective coatings to fit your needs. 

Corrosive environments

The location of the equipment usually decides what type of paint system to use to ensure correct and desired corrosion protection. The corrosive environments vary greatly, and we find material handling equipment present in most mining operations - from pit to processing to the export terminal.  As a result the paint systems specified to protect the equipment will also differ. 
Selecting the right solution

Selecting the right coating solution that will meet the demands and challenges set, means finding the optimal balance between many different parameters – product technology, expected life time of the coating system, application, time, financial aspects as well as attention to Health, Safety and Environment. 




For decades, Jotun has supplied advanced and long-lasting paint systems for corrosion protection all over the world. Our history of globally proven performance has culminated in our wide selection of tailored variants – the Barrier range.   

The Barrier range of coatings comprises different epoxy technologies and high quality zinc dust in various combinations. The tailored variants will cover your need in any market; from the light industry inland to the severe corrosive environments offshore. 


For about 50 years Jotun has supplied the Penguard range for advanced corrosion protection systems all over the world. All these years with globally proven performance have led to our wide selection of universal and tailored variants in the Penguard range.


Jotamastic is the market leading surface tolerant brand delivering long-lasting corrosion protection where optimum surface preparation is not possible or desirable. It has more than 25 years proven track record.


For decades Jotun has supplied Hardtop topcoats for advanced corrosion protection systems all over the world. All these years with globally proven performance have led to our wide selection of premium topcoats in the Hardtop range.


For more than 30 years Jotun’s Marathon range has provided long term protection of structures in the harshest environments. 
The Marathon range consists of high build, high solids epoxy coatings with exceptional abrasion resistance. This combination makes for very strong and durable coatings providing long term protection in harsh environments and challenging areas.

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